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June 9, 2013 at 12:46 am | Posted in FACEBOOK STUFF | 2 Comments

Dad shared with me some pictures he got from Facebook. His way of saying that life is not at all about ourselves only. It is also about the world around us.

604024_515487228461442_551409070_n  A boy shares his bottled water with a beggar.

wpid-facebook_-1038180643A boy tries to live normally eventhough he has no arms.

wpid-facebook_567098666A girl tries to save her puppy from floods.

wpid-facebook_-2041835766A girl takes care of her younger brother while in school, because her mother needs to work.

530155_305284812882870_135612266516793_618729_339650973_nSo for the rest of us who are luckier to have a better life, we can also help.

Yes, we can do it,

by simply looking outside ourselves.


This post is dedicated to Tatay Rene, my grandfather who’s celebrating his 70th birthday today, but has already left us to be with the Lord 2 years back.

He has the biggest heart.


(Credit to the owners of the pics. They are not mine.

Collected from different FB posts.)


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  1. A thoughtful tribute to Tatay Rene. Bless your sweet little heart, Iñigo.

    • Tatay Rene helped so many people when he was still with us, so this tribute is very appropriate. Thanks for commenting, Gemma!

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