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I just found another favorite toy store! It’s called COMICAVE!



Some more Minifigs!

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My uncle bought me these new minifigs from the Philippines!


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  Make Your Momma Proud.

But today it’s gonna be “Make Your Mom and Dad Proud”.

My parents just received my 2nd Trimester Report Card.

And they are just so proud.








  Aren’t you proud of me too?

Inigo’s Prayer

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That Truck (Part 2)

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This seems to be a favorite truck of mine.

Home The Movie 

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Movie Day

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It’s still spring break and sandstorm has cleared, so it’s about time for a “movie day”!

We watched in an odd time so there wasn’t much moviegoers.

Great movie!

Minions is coming soon!!!!

And now we’re hungry! McDonalds time!

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