Shake Shack

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I love these burgers and fries.

The Joys of Receiving New Toys (Part 24)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: ENVELOPED

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My favorite toy shop (Part 11)

The mandatory pose before going inside.

Enveloped in excitement.

Check out some more enveloped photos:

4otomo Weekly Photo Challenge : Enveloped 

Group Reading

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We were chosen to read aloud on stage :)

Ice Cream Day

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Some chocolates have ice cream versions.

Heaven on earth :D 

Fun City

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Because I have been behaving quite good, and I did well on my exams, my parents treated me to a trip to FUN CITY!

Fun City is an amusement park located inside Bawadi Mall.




Fun fun fun!  

Vaccine Day

May 11, 2015 at 12:10 am | Posted in MY STUFF | 4 Comments

 It’s vaccine time! I hate these shots but my parents told me I need them so i have no choice I guess hahaha.


 Vital Signs.

  Doc exam.

  Flu shot. Ouch!


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