My New Room

January 19, 2016 at 12:29 pm | Posted in MILESTONES, MY STUFF | 4 Comments

Welcome to my new room!

Got a new bed from IKEA!

 My lego table.
Thanks Mom for helping me arrange my room 🙂


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I’m inventing a new car. It’s cardboard-powered 😀😬 



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Vaccine Day

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 It’s vaccine time! I hate these shots but my parents told me I need them so i have no choice I guess hahaha.


 Vital Signs.

  Doc exam.

  Flu shot. Ouch!



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I just love role-playing 🙂 I can be whatever I wish I can be.

Lunch Box Art

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Mom prepares my “baon” – that’s the Tagalog word for “the food that I bring to school.”

And mom makes every effort to make my baon look appetizing. Check out my lunch box!






I have a WONDERFUL mom! Don’t you think so?

Thank you so much Mommy!!!

Goodbye to some of my toys!

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???????????????????????????????My parents asked me if I am willing to donate some of my toys to other children who are not so fortunate to have lots like me. My answer is of course, Y-E-S!


I have so many toys that I don’t play with anymore and they are just stored in boxes. I thought, maybe my old toys can still make some children happy, instead of just storing them.


And so we started sorting out my toys. We chose the decent ones and repaired those that are a bit broken, but can still be used.


We were able to fill up a huge box!

This box will be shipped by air cargo tomorrow. My parents decided to donate these toys to an orphanage in Bulacan, Philippines.

I hope that these toys will make other children happy, and that the new owners will take care of them as much as I took care of them when I played with them.


And so.. farewell dear toys! Have a safe journey and hope that you reach your destination in time. Thank you for making me happy, and now it’s time for you to make other children happy too. Goodbye!

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