Dad’s Blogs

My Dad is a blog addict! He owns several blogs and you might want to check them out by clicking these blog headers:

wpid-capture_03.jpgA DOSE A DAY is his primary blog. It’s a nursing blog, but it can also be for non-nurses. He writes his experiences, insights and quote reblogs here.

wpid-capture_13.jpgMY DINING TABLE is a food diary blog.

capture_07INSPIRATIONS is a collection of food-for-the-soul quotes

wpid-capture_18.jpgPINOYS OF THE WORLD is a collection of stories of Filipinos who make it big internationally.

wpid-picsart_1406835777214.jpgHEROES OF YOLANDA is a celebration of modern-day heroes created by Typhoon Yolanda, the world’s strongest typhoon to ever make a lanfall.

wpid-capture_19.jpgEBRIDEY PIKTYURS is a collection of funny pictures reblogged from different sites such as Facebook and Tumblr.

And of course, Dad helps me manage my two sites:

wpid-2014-07-25-09-52-20.pngTHE ADVENTURES OF INIGO BOY is the blog you all love 🙂 This is my personal page.

wpid-2014-08-06-16-09-15.pngI CALL THIS ART is my personal page for all my artworks.

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