26 May 10 What makes me sleepy

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1.  Mom or dad’s humming of the song “Tanging Yaman”.

2.  Richard Poon’s songs.

3.  Getting exhausted from playing.

4.  Seeing mom and dad sleeping already.

5.  Turning the lights off.

6. After eating a lot.

7.  A very cool room.

8.  Inside a moving car.

30 Aug 09 Sunday

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Sleeping on the couch for an afternoon siesta.IMG_2595

Preparing to leave to hear Holy Mass at St. Mary’s Church.

12 Oct 08 Antipolo Trip

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at the front of our Antipolo house

Mom and Dad have a house in Woodrow Hills, Antipolo City. When Dad was still here in the country (and I was not born yet that time), my parents stayed there and lived a happy newly-wed life. But after Dad left, Mom can not stay there alone with me. Mom also works so I need to be left with somebody while she is away. And so, Mom and I are staying at my Dad’s parents in Bulacan for the meantime. Our Antipolo House has then been empty for quite some time now.

But today, we visited  Antipolo!!! I was with Mom, my grannies, my titos and tita, and cuz franz. This was my first time to be at my parents’ real house! My house, too! Or should I say, our family’s house! I got thrilled seeing my very own room, with cuddly toys around. Couldn’t wait to sleep there.

sleeping on my parent's bed

We actually went there yesterday afternoon and slept there last night. This morning, we surprised Dad by webchatting with him. He got excited to see the Antipolo house at the background. How he missed Antipolo so much!

We left the house in the afternoon. We dropped by the Antipolo Church where Mom and Dad used to hear their Sunday holy masses. After that, we went to SM Marikina for some shopping.

I enjoyed the trip! Thanks po.

meeting mom and dad's adopted babies...

10 Oct 08 Green Shirt

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Mom took this picture while I was sleeping in my duyan. I am usually aslept already when she arrives from work. Actually, I just did not want her to bother with me when she arrives from work coz I know she is very tired already from a whole day’s job, plus the gruelling traffic in EDSA on the way home.

This green shirt was given to me by Tita Jacq, mom’s sis-in-law. She works in Dubai. Thanks po.

03 Sep 08 My “Duyan”

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Mom noticed that I was not sleeping well during the day, so she thought of getting me a new place to sleep on.

Good thing Tito Emar and Tita May lent me this hammock! It’s made up of native materials and the wind goes through the holes. It’s so nice to sleep on it! Thanks po!

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