Vacation Bits 11: My New Cousin

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His name is Jayzen Steven. He’s two months old by now. He’s the first born child of Uncle Jay and Aunt Jasmine. He’s my newest first cousin.


26325_641483482534120_1663632139_n 482849_637343529614782_804062493_n

 Looking forward to playing with you again, Jayzen! See you when I come back!


Weekly Photo Challenge: A DAY IN MY LIFE

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I was in the Philippines for some vacation. And when we say ‘vacation’, it shouldn’t mean that I should just sit down alone in one corner and play with my hand-held portable computer games. Not the time to be solitary!

It’s time for some real action under the sun! And it’s more fun when with friends!

Marquee Mall. Pampanga.


This week’s theme at The Daily Post is “A Day in my Life.”  Check out the link for more photographs about the theme. Or you might want to visit my fellow bloggers’ entries here:

Vacation Bits 04: People Around Food

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With the Bautista family.


With the Gregorio family.


With my parents’ friends.

Vacation Bits 03: An Afternoon of Fun with Cousins

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My cousins, Ate Nicole and Kuya Franz accompanied me to Robinson’s Mall in San Fernando City.



Ate Nicole is the daughter of my dad’s sister. Kuya Franz is the son of my mom’s brother.


We had lots of fun at FUNHOUSE – an arcade inside the mall.










We had lots of laughs.


We had lots of stories to tell.


We look at the bright future ahead.


I love these times.

I love my cousins.

Weekly Photo Challenge: FUTURE TENSE

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(Vacation Bits 02: The Trip Home)

This week’s photo challenge theme at WordPress is “FUTURE TENSE”.

I am sharing with you some snaps on board Etihad Airways, on our way to my home country, the Philippines.

The trip was a 9-hour flight.


It’s my 18th airplane ride!


I was so excited about our vacation.


I missed my grannies, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends. I’d love to see them again.


Airplane food is not that great, but better than none 🙂



Dosing off.


Destination reached! Finally home!


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Vacation Bits 01: Great Image Photography

March 19, 2013 at 10:11 am | Posted in PHOTOSHOOTS OF A STAR | 12 Comments
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Hi guys! I’m back in Abu Dhabi from a 3-week vacation to the Philippines!

Our vacation was a blast! I played a lot with my cousins, ate a lot of native foods and visited different places. I’m sure you are all waiting for the pictures I promised. I’ll be posting them really soon.

For the meantime, allow me to share you my photographs taken from Great Image Studios, SM North EDSA Quezon City Philippines.





Weekly Photo Challenge: LOST IN THE DETAILS

March 2, 2013 at 8:50 am | Posted in FOOD TALK, WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE | 22 Comments
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Hi guys! I’m still on holidays with my parents in the Philippines and we’re currently staying at my grannies’ house.

My entry for the weekly photo challenge this week is my grandmother’s native dish –  pansit!  Looking at it got me lost in the details.


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