Vacation Bits 27: The Trip Back

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And so vacation time was over. It was sad to leave the place, but we had to go back to where my Dad works.

Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila

Making myself busy while waiting for boarding time.

Aboard Etihad flight EY 421. My 17th airplane ride. A 9-hour flight!

Waiting for our service bus at the Abu Dhabi International Airport. My city is still about 2 hours away from the airport.


And there goes my vacation stories! 27 posts in all! Whew! Thanks to everyone who dropped by to check out my posts. I hope you liked them. If you want to check them again, they are all HERE.

Vacation Bits 26: Samu’t Sari

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This is still part of my series of posts about my May vacation to the Philippines! 🙂


Playing video games

Happy playing with toy cars.

With Dad

With Ate Nicole and Ninang Ren.

Day Care?

My family on our last dinner before we flew back to UAE.

I’d like to thank everyone who made my brief stay in the Philippines, one of my happiest vacations.

Vacation Bits 25: Our House

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My parents and I visited this house in Antipolo City. We call this “Our House”.

My parents lived here after they got married. I wasn’t born that time yet, but this house was the witness to all the love and struggles my parents had in their first year of marriage.

I have my own room here, but would you believe that I haven’t slept in that room? My father was abroad when I was born, and so Mom has to move to Bulacan where my grannies could help in looking after me.

But although I never lived here, I know how important this house is for my parents. And when we do visit here, I can always feel the warmth of love inside this house.

This is truly “our house.”

Vacation Bits 24: Slice N Dice

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This is still part of my series of posts related to my recent vacation to the Philippines.


Slice N Dice Char-Grilled Steaks is a restaurant chain offering affordable charcoal-grilled steaks. One of our quick-lunch stops!

This one’s in Victory Park-and-Shop Mall in Antipolo City.

T-bone Steak and Pasta

Steak Salpicado


Red Iced Tea and Rootbeer

Vacation Bits 23: Tatay Revisit

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Before coming back to the UAE, we visited my grandfather again.

I thank him for giving me a good dad.

Our prayers for Tatay.

Wherever our feet may bring us, he will never be forgotten.

Salamat po.

Vacation Bits 22: Biking with Ate Nicole

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This is still part of the series about my recent vacation to the Philippines last May 🙂


Ate Nicole and I went for some biking along the streets of Poblacion in Guiguinto Bulacan.

She brought me to a small park in front of the Municipal Hall.

According to my Dad, he used to play here as a little boy.

There were lots of grass in this area before, and Dad said he used to play with the other kids here especially on weekends. They would ran around, and play outdoor games such as luksong-tinik, patintero, tumbang-preso, harangang-daga, taguan, putbol, at iba pa.

They didn’t have lots of toys, but they had lots of fun. It must be cool living during those years.  My wish is to have more friends like Dad’s who would play and run with me, despite this ‘computer games’ age.

Vacation Bits 20: The Search for Shu Todoroki

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Shu Todoroki

Shu Todoroki is a Le Motor Prototype racer representing Japan and bearing the # 7 in the World Grand Prix. Shu was raised at the base of the active Mount Asama volcano in Japan. He was a star in the Disney Pixar movie, Cars 2.

We have been searching all the toy shops in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for Shu Todoroki, but we couldn’t find him.

One day, we were invited to a birthday party held in a home, and the celebrant’s brother showed me his toys that included Shu Todoroki. He was playing it with a revolving track so we concluded that we have to buy that track, to get Shu.

Tokyo Spin Out playset

And so my parents bought this play set called “Tokyo Spin Out” thinking that the box would include Shu. But to our dismay, we found Lightning McQueen instead of Shu Todoroki inside the box.

We went to toy shops searching for a box that would include Shu Todoroki, but all we found were boxes that had Lightning McQueen inside.

Our search continued in the Philippines, as we moved from one mall to the other. The search ended up finding one in Toys’R’Us shop in Trinoma Quezon City. My parents checked out the store with my Ninang Chiqui, who they met up earlier for lunch. Ninang Chiqui was also on a vacation in the Philippines. She works as a nurse in Australia.

Dad and Ninang Chiqui

But there was a slight problem. My parents and Ninang Chiqui saw Shu Todoroki inside a box-like machine.

Shu Todoroki inside a see-through box

According to the staff, they need to insert tokens in a slot under the box, to be able to receive a ball that would have a toy inside. But that would not guarantee that they will get Shu, because there were many other type of toys inside the ball. And they couldn’t choose a specific toy, because the box is locked, and they were supposed to like “gamble”, as part of the game.

The slot machine needed 3 tokens to be able to get ONE ball. So my parents bought 3 tokens – one bought by Ninang Chiqui, and the two by Mom and Dad.


Each of the 3 tokens was inserted by a different person – for luck. A ball rolled down after the 3rd token, and they got excited to open it. To their surprise, they got Shu Todoroki on their first ball!

And so… my parents brought home this…

My very own Shu Todoroki

And Ninang Chiqui also bought me this nice blue truck, also part of the movie CARS.

Thank you, Ninang Chiqui, for helping my parents find Shu Todoroki!

And so you think the search is over? Nope.  I still have to find Lewis Hamilton, Max Schnell, Rip Clutchgoneski and Miguel Camino to complete my race track.

If you find any of these 4 cars in toy shops near your area, could you leave me a message? Thank you!

My dream complete set 🙂


This post is part of my Car Show series (Car Show #47). Want to check out my other Car Shows? Click HERE.

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