The Joys of Receiving New Toys (Part 20)

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Thanks to all those who continue to shower me with all the love!

Sharing the good vibes here!


Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge: TOYS

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This is my second time to join the Black and White Photo Challenge hosted by Sonel of Sonel’s Corner. This week’s theme is something near to my heart –  TOYS !


At the background are my favorite toys. They are on display so I can easily get them whenever I want to play with them. My other toys are kept in boxes. Many of my toys are gifts from family friends. And check out what I am holding here – another gift! This one’s from my teacher before the school year ended.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: THE SIGN SAYS…

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This week’s photo challenge theme at The Daily Post is “THE SIGN SAYS…”

And here I’ll be sharing some of the signs I have on my toy board game.

wpid-2013-05-31-21.09.02.jpgMy car passes by an unfamiliar sign. I wonder what this means.

wpid-2013-05-31-21.06.03.jpgI think there’s danger ahead.

wpid-2013-05-31-21.07.02.jpgCould you tell me if I should go on?

wpid-2013-05-31-20.56.26.jpgDid I just reach “dead end” ???

wpid-2013-05-31-21.09.37.jpgI just love SIGNS. It makes playing more fun 😀


Check out more interesting “signs” –

Weekly Photo Challenge: MINE

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The Joys of Receiving New Toys Parts 1-4 HERE.

Check out other “MINE” photographs at The Daily Post.

All Boxed Up

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