A330-300 Airbus Collection

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Aside from cars, I am also fascinated with airplanes.

Allow me to share with you my A330-300 Airbus collection.


Did you know that real A330s currently operate to over 300 airports worldwide?

???????????????????????????????Over 800 million passengers have flown the A330.

???????????????????????????????Everyday, the A330 fleet flies the equivalent of 15 times the moon. ???????????????????????????????Every minute, an A330 takes off somewhere in the world.


An A330 takes-off or lands every 28 seconds of every day.


I got these free inside Kinder egg chocolates.

And the chocolates were courtesy of Uncle Emar.


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Car Show 28

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Gosh, it’s been a while since I had my last Car Show here. I have collected a lot since the last one so here I am now on my 28th Car Show. I hope you guys enjoy, especially for the toy car enthusiasts out there.


These ones I bought during my last trip to the Philippines last August. These are from the movie Cars 1.



This RC car was a gift from Ninong Jay.

Let’s not forget the big trucks…


And lastly, the airplane…

There were 3 of these, but sorry, only one I got to photograph.


This jeepney replica was bought at one of the souvenir shops at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, before we boarded the plane on our way back to Abu Dhabi.

 The Jeepneys are considered the Philippine King of the Roads. They are the most common mode of mass transport  there. They come in different colors and designs.


The Missile Carrier

The Jet Carrier

The Speedboat Carrier

This black RC car was a gift from Tito Ronnie.

Mom bought me this Sponge Bob-inspired yellow convertible.

This blue racing car is a 1/40 Porche 911 GT3 made by Saico.

This red plastic car is from one of the Baqalas along Khalifa Street.

This red pick up is a Dodge Ram SRT-10 on a 1/47 scale, made by Maisto.

This police car is an Audi Q5 scaled at 1/43, made by Realtoy

Another police car given during Michelle’s Bday party as a party souvenir.

A yellow motorcycle and a tricycle!


I have so much more to share with you, guys, so watch out for Car Show Part 29.

Planes and Trains

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