Happy birthday, Jesus.

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Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. And I have a message for Him.

Dear Jesus,

I am a very lucky boy to live comfortably with my loving parents. I’m in a good school with great teachers. I have so many nice friends.

I have so much toys. There’s always good food.

Thank you for giving us this gift of life.
Thank you for continuously showering us with all the blessings.

Happy birthday, Jesus!



Jahili Park, Take 3

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I am starting to love Jahili Park! I asked Mom if we could go back today, and so for the third time this week, we went again to enjoy the cool afternoon.

A stroll in the park…

Hmmm… I think I see something on that side…

… The playground!







 After having fun at the park, mom and I went to the church to give thanks for all our blessings. Thank you po!

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