Vacation Bits 17: The Trip Back

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My 19th airplane ride – Manila to Abu Dhabi

The time came again when vacation was over and I had to say my ‘goodbyes’ again. It was the most difficult time, but I have to go back to where I’m studying, and where my father works. I will surely miss my relatives and friends in the Philippines. I had a great time.

It was another long and tiring trip. The 9-hour plane ride to Abu Dhabi, plus another 2 hours bus ride to the city of Al Ain was really exhausting.

But we are home safely now. Thanks to the people who prayed for our safe journey.

And my adventure continues.

Vacation Bits 27: The Trip Back

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And so vacation time was over. It was sad to leave the place, but we had to go back to where my Dad works.

Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila

Making myself busy while waiting for boarding time.

Aboard Etihad flight EY 421. My 17th airplane ride. A 9-hour flight!

Waiting for our service bus at the Abu Dhabi International Airport. My city is still about 2 hours away from the airport.


And there goes my vacation stories! 27 posts in all! Whew! Thanks to everyone who dropped by to check out my posts. I hope you liked them. If you want to check them again, they are all HERE.

Vacation Bits 01: Way Back Home

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I’m back! And as I promised I’ll be sharing my vacation stories with all of you. Thanks for always dropping by and checking for new posts. I really appreciate your visits.


03 May 2012. My parents and I left home around 9pm. Our family friends, Ninong Miller and Ninang Abel picked us up and brought us to the bus station. The bus left for Abu Dhabi at exactly 10pm.

Aboard the Etihad Bus service going to Abu Dhabi Airport

We reached Abu Dhabi International Airport by midnight. I love this airport because it’s very clean and it seemed everything was in order. We didn’t have to stand in queue because passengers with children like me were given priority to get in first.

We are checking-in through this machines. No need for counters? How high-tech!

Oh my, this is awesome! Mom, please take a picture of me with this racing car!

 I just love racing cars!

There was a “play area” at the waiting lounge so I really enjoyed the time while we were waiting for the boarding time. I played with the other kids, and played with some toys there.

We left the UAE aboard Etihad Flight EY 542, which was my 16th airplane ride.

It was a smooth ride, and I slept during the trip most of the time. I also watched some movies, and played video games on the screen located in front of my seat.

We arrived in Manila around 4pm Manila Time. The weather was hot and humid, but I didn’t have to adjust so much because it was also hot where I came from.

We were fetched by my aunt, uncle, cousins and my grandma. I was so glad to see them again!

We had a nice dinner at Hap-Chan Chinese Restaurant located in Malolos, Bulacan.

The whole gang!

With my cousins! I missed them a lot!

With cousin Nicole.

Finally home!

Car Show 28

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Gosh, it’s been a while since I had my last Car Show here. I have collected a lot since the last one so here I am now on my 28th Car Show. I hope you guys enjoy, especially for the toy car enthusiasts out there.


These ones I bought during my last trip to the Philippines last August. These are from the movie Cars 1.



This RC car was a gift from Ninong Jay.

Let’s not forget the big trucks…


And lastly, the airplane…

There were 3 of these, but sorry, only one I got to photograph.


This jeepney replica was bought at one of the souvenir shops at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, before we boarded the plane on our way back to Abu Dhabi.

 The Jeepneys are considered the Philippine King of the Roads. They are the most common mode of mass transport  there. They come in different colors and designs.


The Missile Carrier

The Jet Carrier

The Speedboat Carrier

This black RC car was a gift from Tito Ronnie.

Mom bought me this Sponge Bob-inspired yellow convertible.

This blue racing car is a 1/40 Porche 911 GT3 made by Saico.

This red plastic car is from one of the Baqalas along Khalifa Street.

This red pick up is a Dodge Ram SRT-10 on a 1/47 scale, made by Maisto.

This police car is an Audi Q5 scaled at 1/43, made by Realtoy

Another police car given during Michelle’s Bday party as a party souvenir.

A yellow motorcycle and a tricycle!


I have so much more to share with you, guys, so watch out for Car Show Part 29.

Bakasyon Bits 50: THE WAY BACK

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Well, vacation is over. I had lots of fun and I surely will treasure the great times. The Philippines is definitely where home is.

But we have to go back to where my parents earn a living. So, this I have to say… Ma’asalama! See you all again next year!







At Ninoy Aquino International Airport…

My 12th plane ride…

At Hongkong International Airport for a short stop-over

My 13th plane ride to reach Abu Dhabi Airport


And there goes my 50th post about my vacation. I hope you guys enjoyed the journey as much as I did. Thanks for dropping by my site to follow me on my vacation.

I had a wonderful time with family and friends and I thank everyone who made my stay worth the trip.

And now, I’m back to regular programming 🙂



Bakasyon Bits 30: BORACAY ISLAND part 4

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It was a great morning! Beach time!

This is going to be my second beach experience. The first one was at Abu Dhabi Corniche last May. You can check the post about it by clicking HERE.

Boracay beach is a very beautiful place. The scenery is very picture-perfect. And here’s the proof… 🙂

Bakasyon Bits 29: BORACAY ISLAND part 3

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The plane landed safely at Kalibo Airport instead of Caticlan 😦 From here, we will travel to Caticlan by land and take the boat from there, going to Boracay island.

Kalibo International Airport

Traveling by land from Kalibo airport to Caticlan port.


We finally reached Boracay Island around 9pm. We were so hungry, we ended up at…

Yobe Sizzling House.

Gutom na po kame … 😀

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