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Dad holds my hand as he tags me along towards my dreams…




Just an update…

April 14, 2011 at 10:47 pm | Posted in DOWNTIMES, MY FIRSTS | Leave a comment
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Sorry guys for not being able to post for yesterday. I was still sick ( and so was my dad) during the last days but it seems I am better today.

My parents brought me to Neima Clinic today to have myself checked by a doctor. My running nose is two weeks now and I am starting to have a cough and a bad chest. I am not having fever, though and I am still very playful and makulet.

The lady doctor examined me and found a congested throat and left ear. She listened to my chest using a stethoscope and found some abnormal sounds. I was prescribed some medicines, and my parents were reassured not to worry. I will be okay.

It seems today was the FIRST time that I did not cry after seeing a doctor. So after the clinic visit, my parents brought me to Bawadi Mall. I was bought McDonald’s Happy Meal, and we bought some toys from Toys’R’Us and Babyshop.

I’m back blogging :)))

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