Some more Disney-Pixar Cars Stuff

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???????????????????????????????Toy camera courtesy of my friend Ambrielle Micah

???????????????????????????????Stickers courtesy of my cousins Kuya Franz and Ate Nicole

???????????????????????????????Mini fan from Robinsons Toys’R’Us

 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????Cars Clothes Patch by H&M

???????????????????????????????Whole Grain Cereals

Car Show 70: New Disney-Pixar CARS Characters by Mattel (Part 6)

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It was a surprise to find new Disney-Pixar CARS characters in Toys R Us, Bawadi!

???????????????????????????????My long search for the original SU TUDOROKI by Mattel is over. I have him now!






???????????????????????????????ALEX VANDEL


Check out my other Disney-Pixar CARS collection HERE.


Car Show 59: Disney-Pixar CARS Collectibles Part 5

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My Dad flew to the Philippines recently and stayed there for 2 weeks. While he was there, he checked out the major toy shops for…

my Disney-Pixar Cars!

Check out what Dad brought when he came back home…

Presenting my latest Disney-Pixar CARS!

Kimura Kaizo

Hydraulic Ramone

Lightning Ramone (red)

Lightning Ramone (orange)

Ramone (green)

Tex Dinoco

Acer with Torch

Chief RPM

Chief No Stall

Marlon *Clutches” McKay

Celine Dephare

Max Schnell


Race Tow Truck Tom

Octane Gain Pitty

Octane Gain Semi

Pope Pinion

Pope Mobile

Pope Pinion inside the Pope Mobile


Here’s the other “Cars” characters from Mattel (from parts 1 to 4)

Cars Characters

Car Show 57: Some More Disney-Pixar CARS Characters

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Here are some more of my Disney-Pixar CARS characters, but NOT made by Mattel.

Car Show 51: My Disney Pixar CARS collection

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Disney Miniature Collections Part 2

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Second part of my hand-painted miniature Disney characters!

Check out part 1 HERE.

Disney Miniature Collections

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I got them free from Disney egg chocolates. They are miniature hand-painted Disney characters!

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