Daddy Leaves for Grand Prix

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I am a fan of Grand Prix and race cars. This is the influence of the movie CARS 1 and CARS 2.

Today, Daddy leaves for the 3rd Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix! I can’t leave he’s going to be part of this event! He’s going to be part of the paramedics team on the side, and he’ll stay there for 11 days.

Can I join you, Dad???


Check out Daddy’s adventures at the Grand Prix HERE.

Car Show 29: Cars the Movie

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My 29th Car Show will be dedicated to my Cars the Movie characters.

The star of the movie is Lightning McQueen. He is a red racing car.

This is Mack, and he is the official carrier of Lightning McQueen.

Both of my McQueen and Mack are made by Fischer Price.

Tow Mater is McQueen’s bestfriend. He is from Mattel Canada.

Francesco Bernoulli is the strongest competitor of McQueen in Cars 2. He’s also made by Mattel Canada.

Finn McMissile is the heroic secret agent and British superspy loaded with gadgets. This model is also made by Mattel.

More to come (I hope! If my parents would buy me some more of the characters 🙂 )!


Lightning McQueen was in our city. He was on display from October 19 to 22 in Babyshop, Bawadi Mall.

Cars 2 in 3D

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The first movie I watched in 3D was “Cars 2” by Disney Pixar. I watched it last August at the Cabanas Cinemas.

Me and Kuya Franz at the Cabanas

Cars 2 is now my current favorite movie (Before it was the Toy Story trilogy, and Cars 1). I watch it EVERY MORNING and EVERY AFTERNOON.

My First School Stuffs

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This is my second week in school, and I am proud to say that I have started enjoying it. Mom doesn’t find it hard anymore to wake me up and prepare me for school. I’ll wear my school uniform without much whining and tantrums. And I look forward to taking that school bus ride in the morning. I don’t mind being away from my parents now, because I know that at the end of the class, by lunch time, I will be brought back home to be with my parents again.

Allo me to share with you some of my very first school stuffs.

This is my very first school ID. But this is actually a temporary one while waiting for the official one. I wear this everyday, pinned to my school uniform. This is how my teachers remember my name. (Picture was edited to cover telephone numbers)

This is my school bag. I pull this everyday to school. Aside from my school stuffs, I also have my snacks here, as well as extra shirt just in case I need to change. This is from Disney Pixar’s Cars.

This is my very first notebook. Written here are some of my very important details, including my address and my parents’ mobile numbers. Also from the movie Cars.

This is the front and back of my school envelope. I keep important school documents here as well as some of my artworks. This one’s from the movie Toy Story 3.

This my very first book from my school. It’s called the ‘Golden Book of Nursery Rhymes’ and it has an accompanying CD for me to watch at home while reading the book.

Okay, guys time to bed now… I have school tomorrow so better be sleeping now. Ciao!

3rd Day in School

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I was still the same on the third day. Dad was off from work so he was able to help Mom convince me to go to school. I still didn’t want to attend school. I still cried a lot in the morning while Mom and Dad were preparing me.

Dad promised that we’ll go to Bawadi Mall after school, and so I agreed to come to school.


After school, the school bus brought me home, and I have this for my parents…

a "STAR" and a "SMILEY"!

On our way to Bawadi Mall

And so because of this, and also because Dad promised, I was treated to another mall adventure. We had lunch there and they bought me a Lightning McQueen car and Mack truck,  from the movie Cars 1.

And so I wonder now, what toy should I request for the next day?

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