It’s my 6th Blogiversary!

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My blog turns 6 today!

It’s my 6th-year blogiversary!  Hurray!

sixth Today, I am celebrating my blog’s 6th anniversary!

Over the years, there’s been a lot of growth and change, yet there are still some things that always stay the same – and that is my appreciation for each and everyone of you who always drop by to take a peek of my little world.


One of the most favorite comment I received was from somebody across the globe who said that she enjoys dropping by my site because it makes her feel younger at heart. Glad to make people feel that way, and make them smile in my own little way.


Thank you all for being part of my small world, which has gone bigger because of this blog. Hope to see you all on my seveth!

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My Blog Turns 5!

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Yup, you read it right… my blog is 5 years old today! Hooorraaay!

Allow me to thank everyone who dropped by and gave some of their time checking out my site during this last 5 years. Special thanks to those who decided to leave some comments, who subscribed, who followed, who shared, who clicked the “like” button.

It’ been an amazing 5 years and I hope to still have all of you here in the next 5 and more years!


20 Nov 09 Happy 2nd Blogiversary!

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Yesterday was my 16th-month birthday. It also coincides with my blog’s 2nd anniversary – my blog’s second birthday! My site is two years old… older than me! Check out the very first posts HERE.

Dad started writing on this site when he learned about mom’s conception of me in 2007. He felt that it was a start of a joyful journey ahead, and writing it would be a great chance to capture each happy moment of the coming of a baby.

Dad used my point-of-view in writing because he plans to transfer the ownership of the site to me when I am able to write on my own. Wow, can’t wait.

Thanks to everyone who drops by and takes the time to read my posts. Thanks to the very encouraging comments, too! I hope that you continue to visit my site from time to time, as I blog my development and growing-up moments.

Happy 2nd blogiversary! Looking forward to more years of blogging fun!

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