Cos Play

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I love to be in costumes! I can be whatever I wish I can be.

I can be Captain America or Barney…


I can be Lady Bug or Santa…


I can be Optimus Prime or Sheriff Woody…


But whatever I become, I can always be the same boy you’ll always love 🙂



Michelle’s 1st Bday

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Michelle celebrated her 1st birthday recently at Action Zone Al Ain Mall. She’s our neighbor. She lives in the same building where we live.

There was face-painting…

There was some dancing…

There were games…



Barney made a special guest appearance!



I had lots of fun!

30 Sep 2011 

Barney Balloon

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This is one of the biggest balloons I’ve ever had 🙂



I love Barney!


Barney Books

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Check out my new Barney books…

(Barney’s Umbrella Book is courtesy of Tita DJ and Tito Marco)


Zzzzzz with the books…

My Cuddly Toys

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Jollibee is a Filipino mascot. This stuff toy was given by Ninang Ren when I went for vacation to the Philippines last year. I brought it with me here and so he meets my two other friends – Barney and Snoopy.

Barney meets Jollibee


Snoopy meets Jollibee

19 Mar 10 Barney!

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