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Vacation Bits 06: THE CLOUDS ABOVE

It was late afternoon when our plane flew to get us back to Dubai. There was still daylight so it was still well-lit outside the plane. When the plane took off, it was amazing to look down through the windows. It was a great view to be on top of all the buildings in Manila. Unfortunately, phones were not allowed to be used during take off , otherwise I could have taken snaps of the view.

After a few minutes, we were above the clouds! And oh, I couldn’t look at the windows… we’re way too high now!!!


But wait… I can see something outside. No, not superman.


I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The clouds are just one of the most amazing things on earth!








The world is filled with wonderful creations. Do you agree?


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Vacation Bits 17: The Trip Back

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2013-03-16 17.48.2820130316_191719_LLS  2013-03-16 19.52.10

2013-03-16 19.51.49

My 19th airplane ride – Manila to Abu Dhabi

The time came again when vacation was over and I had to say my ‘goodbyes’ again. It was the most difficult time, but I have to go back to where I’m studying, and where my father works. I will surely miss my relatives and friends in the Philippines. I had a great time.

It was another long and tiring trip. The 9-hour plane ride to Abu Dhabi, plus another 2 hours bus ride to the city of Al Ain was really exhausting.

But we are home safely now. Thanks to the people who prayed for our safe journey.

And my adventure continues.

Vacation Bits 27: The Trip Back

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And so vacation time was over. It was sad to leave the place, but we had to go back to where my Dad works.

Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila

Making myself busy while waiting for boarding time.

Aboard Etihad flight EY 421. My 17th airplane ride. A 9-hour flight!

Waiting for our service bus at the Abu Dhabi International Airport. My city is still about 2 hours away from the airport.


And there goes my vacation stories! 27 posts in all! Whew! Thanks to everyone who dropped by to check out my posts. I hope you liked them. If you want to check them again, they are all HERE.

The Story of My Return

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My 15th plane ride was the flight going back to Abu Dhabi after an emergency leave due to Tatay’s untimely passing. This was also my 8th airplane ride for 2011 alone. It was one of my most uncomfortable flight.

Before we left Manila, I was already having slight fever. My parents gave me paracetamol before the flight and that made me feel better for a while. But during the flight, my parents started to feel that I was having some temperature again, and this time it was high. I was scorching hot.

My parents thought that I could have gotten Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, which was rampant in the Philippines. The stewardess was kind enough to offer the onboard medicines, but they were for small babies.

Luckily, we made it home to Al Ain without anything major happening. I was immediately made to drink paracetamol, and my fever subsided. The following day, I was much better.


8 airplane rides for 2011:

1.  June 23 – CX682 – Abu Dhabi to Hongkong

2.  June 24 – CX907 – Hongkong to Manila

3.  July 8 – 5J 523 – Manila to Boracay

4.  July 10 – 5J 340 – Boracay to Manila

5.  July 22 – CX902 – Manila to Hongkong

6.  July 22 – CX683 – Hongkong to Abu Dhabi

7.  August 24 – EY428 – Abu Dhabi to Manila

8.  September 7 – EY423 – Manila to Abu Dhabi



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