I will miss our dining table.

October 16, 2016 at 12:46 am | Posted in DOWNTIMES, Uncategorized | 6 Comments

I felt really sad today.

Mom said she sold our dining table and somebody’s coming in the evening to pick it up.

I love our dining table. I share lots of memories with this table. 

I do my assignments here.

I play here too.

And of course, I love eating here too.

Many celebrations were held with this table.

Call me an emo, but I love this dining table.

And I will miss this.

To the new owner, please look after this table for me.


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  1. How sad. 😦

    • Mom got a new dining table and I am starting to like it now 😁

  2. Such a variety of pictures to remind you of your dining table, dear Inigo. It’s really great that you have so many pictures. Thanks for sharing. And please let us know, whether you get a substitute dining table! 🙂

    • Yes AuntyUta, my mom got us a new dining table. I’ll take a picture soon 😁I think I was just being sentimental, but I’m getting used to the new table now 😁

      • Sure, you’re already getting used to the new table. Still, it is very good that you have these lovely pictures of you sitting at the old table. 🙂

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