Friday Dayout

October 14, 2016 at 8:50 pm | Posted in FOOD TALK, PLACES I'VE BEEN TO, TOYS FOREVER | 8 Comments

Catechism at St. Mary’s Church.

Ikea shopping.

Lunch at the food court.

Arcade play!


New Nerf!


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  1. You are growing up into a nice handsome young man. 😀

  2. Inigo, whereabouts is St.Mary’s Church?

    • Hi AuntyUta. It is here in Al Ain Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

      • This is very good, Inigo. I see, you went IKEA shopping. We like to go shopping there too. We have to drive to Sydney, about 100 kilometres, to an IKEA shop, But there are a lot of other shops where we live. An outing to an IKEA shop is to us something very special.

        • We have a new IKEA shop near us. But it’s smaller than the ones in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Mom enjoys IKEA too.

  3. Welcome back – I missed your smiling face! 🙂

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