Car Show 84: Bikes

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My Favorite Toy Shop (Part 10)

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This has become a ritual – the pose before entering this toy shop 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: MOTION

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This week’s theme at The Daily Post is MOTION.

My daily motion!

This is an everyday scenario for me. I wake up 5:30 in the morning to prepare for school. I eat my breakfast and hit the shower quickly before I head to the bus stop where the school bus picks me up around 6:30am.

Waking up is the most difficult part of the day for me 🙂 But I’m not complaining! I love school and Mom helps me prepare everyday. And I know that some children are not fortunate enough to be in schools, so I should be thankful that my family can afford to send me to a good school.


Check out some more “MOTION” pictures 🙂



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I just found another favorite toy store! It’s called COMICAVE!



Some more Minifigs!

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My uncle bought me these new minifigs from the Philippines!


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  Make Your Momma Proud.

But today it’s gonna be “Make Your Mom and Dad Proud”.

My parents just received my 2nd Trimester Report Card.

And they are just so proud.








  Aren’t you proud of me too?

Inigo’s Prayer

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