Storytelling: An Honest Woodcutter

January 27, 2015 at 12:26 am | Posted in SCHOOL TIME!, VIDEOS | 7 Comments
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Poor woodcutter accidentally dropped his axe into the river. He was very upset as he had no money to buy another axe.

Just then, a fairy appeared in the river, holding out a golden axe to him.

“I found this axe in the river. Is this yours?”

“That’s not mine.” replied the woodcutter.

The fairy then brought out a silver axe. The woodcutter disowned this one too.

Finally, the fairy held out a wooden axe.

Smiling with happiness, the woodcutter said “That’s mine! Thank you very much!”

The fairy felt very happy seeing his honesty and said “Such honesty deserves a reward!”

She gave the poor man all the three axes and disappeared.

The end.

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