Lego Workshop

December 4, 2014 at 2:55 pm | Posted in TOYS FOREVER | 6 Comments

Yesterday, TOYS’R’US Bawadi branch held a Lego Workshop for Lego enthusiasts like me. It was a fun-filled acivity and I got to play Lego with the other kids!









I am now a certified Junior Lego Master Builder!

How fun!



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  1. Hey Inigo (slash Lego) boy! what a cool lego workshop – thanks for sharing – and have a great day amigo. 🙂

  2. A “Certified Junior Lego Master Builder”! I am very impressed. Congratulations, young man! Maybe one day your family will have a chance to visit Lego Land in California. It’s a very impressive and fun park. 🙂 And by then you might be a Senior Master Builder!!

    • Oh I’d love to see LegoLand California! I wish I’ll be able to visit soon!
      And yeah, I’ll look forward to becoming a Senior Master Builder!
      Thanks, Eric!

  3. Dear Inigo,
    I’m sure that you had a great time at the Lego workshop. I love Lego too 🙂 I visited Legoland last June and had a great time over there. The place is full of Lego structures and it’s really cool.
    The Lego Resort is also awesome with Lego everywhere. There’s tons and tons of Lego bricks in the lobby to play with and there’s more in our rooms. And I love our rooms at the Lego Resort which are decorated with Lego bricks. There’s a treasure chest that only can be unlocked after we found the hidden code. And once it’s open, we can take home the treasures – which are Lego bricks! The Lego shops and Brick Shop in Legoland are also awesome 😉
    By the I’ve not yet written a post about it. Should do it soon 🙂
    Have a nice day, my friend.

    • Oh I’d love to visit Legoland! Yes, you should I write a post about it! Looking forward to it!
      Thanks for sharing your experience!

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