Back to school!

September 3, 2014 at 11:52 am | Posted in SCHOOL TIME! | 6 Comments

My school reopens today and I am so excited to be back. I surely missed my friends and classmates. My parents said that I’ll probably have new teachers, but that’s okay. But I want my classmates back!!! Hehe!

Mom woke up really early to prepare my stuff this morning. She got me to the tub early, and made my delicious breakfast.

Some shots by Mom this morning…



So forgive my lack of posts for the next few days, as I sure will be busy adjusting with the new class, and lessons. But I do promise to share my school adventures with all of you again soon. Have a safe week, everyone!


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  1. You look very handsomer! Have a fabulous school year, Iñigo. I hope you have all your old friends in your class and some new ones.

    • Hi AuntyUta, I am already home from school. And I did lost some friends who decided to move to another school. But I’ve got new ones so it’s okay. Thanks for stopping by!

      • AuntyUta? I wonder if I got the wrong message.
        But I’m glad you found new friends. 😉

        • Oh I’m so sorry Gemma! Got mixed up with names 😀 But the message was really for you. It’s so embarassing 😮 Thanks for pointing out 🙂

          • Don’t be embarrassed. I kind of like the name and was hoping I got inducted into the family. 😀

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