Car Show 80: Cars made out of Lego!

June 1, 2014 at 12:01 am | Posted in CAR SHOW, TOYS FOREVER | 6 Comments
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Check out these toy cars I made out of Lego bricks!







I have creativity powers!


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  1. Nice 🙂

  2. Cool ! I loved Lego as a kid.

  3. I really like your Lego creations. When my boys were little, we once had a Lego party and I wanted to tell you about it. I found some Lego kits on sale at a store because they were opened and were missing a few pieces. And so even though the original object could not be created – well lots of other objects could be made from the pieces (like you show us here with the cool vehicles you made – and my fav is the 3rd one down – with the yellow bumper and white hood – but all are cool).

    anyhow, we took the two Lego kits and we had a party and every kid got a baggie of mixed pieces and had to make something from it – and they also got to take home the pieces. It was fun. Legos rock – and I hope you have a great time creating with yours dear Inigo Boy!

    • Wow I never heard of a Lego Party! I would love to have one! Thanks for sharing this story!

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