The Visit 8: Global Village

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Another Dubai landmark worth visiting is GLOBAL VILLAGE. My grandmother really enjoyed this stop, during her short visit here in the UAE.

Nov 15 05_Global Village-002

We were greeted by local Emiratis performing their national dances.



There were acrobatic performances too.

???????????????????????????????Nov 15 05_Global Village-020Nov 15 05_Global Village-025

Different countries participated in setting up huge pavillions to showcase their products.

Are you ready to go AROUND THE WORLD with me?









???????????????????????????????Welcome to my home country… THE PHILIPPINES!




??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????AFRICA





IMG_7560FRANCE with my cousin Franz.


???????????????????????????????UNITED KINGDOM




???????????????????????????????Can somebody help me read which country this is? 😀

???????????????????????????????KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA


???????????????????????????????Our host country… UNITED ARAB EMIRATES


???????????????????????????????Sorry again for this one. I could not read the country’s name.



Did you enjoy going around the world with me?

We visited some more great landmarks here in the UAE so please do comeback soon for the next posts. Thank you!



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