Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge: BRIDGES

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It’s going to be my first time to join the Black and White Photo Challenge hosted by Sonel of Sonel’s Corner. This week’s theme is BRIDGES.


To find out more about Black and White photo challenges – click HERE.



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194,277 SPAMS???? You’re kidding me.

I just don’t get it. I was just away for a couple of days, and I got flooded again with unwanted spams.


I would appreciate it if these spam comments would reflect in the stats. But it does not.


The spams are way more than the blog hits. I wonder how they could post comments without visiting my blog?

Lately, I’ve been receiving 3 to 5 spam comments EVERY SECOND. And if the folder fills up, it is difficult to empty. After clicking the “empty spam” button, this is what I get…


I would have to click “empty spam” button several times before it finally gets emptied. But after a few minutes only, there’ll be a hundred spam comments again. I’ve tried tweaking the settings but I still couldn’t stop them from coming.

No, it’s not that I am complaining.

The real problem is, some LEGITIMATE comments go to the spam folder. And because they get mixed with hundred thousands of spam comments, I just could not sort them out. I just don’t have the luxury of time to go through them one by one. I just had to click “empty spam”.

wpid-IMG-20130606-WA0006.jpgAnd this is the reason why I am writing this post. I want to apologize to the people who finds that their comments don’t get published. I do moderate comments so they don’t get posted immediately. But if the comments don’t get posted soon, they probably went to the spam folder that had filled up, and could not be sorted out. I hope they don’t get discouraged and will keep on visiting and posting their lovely comments.

I hope to be able to fix this issue soon. I hope there’s somebody out there who can help me sort out this problem :O

Otherwise, I’ll just EAT these spams. They’re good with sausages for breakfast 😀

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