An angel visited my site.

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Sometimes stange things happen.

My dad was browsing through my site today, until a new comment appeared. It seemed like a spam, because the commentor, named Jenell, commented on an old post dated April 2011. The post he commented on was about “Nosebleeds.” But the comment was quite related to the post (unlike real spams), and he even added additional information about nosebleeds.

Dad decided to read the whole post again.

Strange though, I started to have a real nosebleed a few minutes after Dad read the article. Dad immediately positioned me and applied pressure on my nose. He just knew what to do instantly. The nosebleed eventually stopped and I am fine now.

It could just be a coincidence, but I want to believe that an angel  visited my site. He guided my Dad to review an old article, so I won’t panic on the sight of blood. It was reassuring.

Thank you, Jenell. Angel or not, your comment was so precious!

I am now starting to realize how valuable our comments can sometimes be.

Car Show 64: McDonald’s Invertible Trucks

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It’s McDonald’s time again and they have new freebies when you buy “happy meals.”

These trucks are invertible to change into another type of trucks.

From a yellow/gray truck…

…. to a red/gray firetruck!

From a yellow construction truck…

… to a green lumber truck!

How fun!!!!

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