L’italiano’s Italian Ristorante

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I love pizzas and pastas, so I was so happy when we visited L’italiano’s Italian Ristorante, for the first time. This one’s located in Al Jimi Mall.

Another kid-friendly restaurant!

This table mat can be turned over to become…

… an activity page!


GRANDMA MEAT LASAGNA. Meat lasagna stuffed with Four Cheese baked in special Marinara Sauce topped with baked Mozzarella Cheese.

MEAT LOVERS PIZZA. Ground beef, Salami and Pepperoni.

We’ll surely be back for more 🙂

Car Show 54 : Disney-Pixar CARS Collectibles Part 3

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Presenting my Disney-Pixar CARS Collectibles by Mattel. This is the 3rd installment.

Nigel Gearsley

Doc Hudson


Nurse GTO

Nurse Kori

Miles Axelrod

“World of Cars” Ramone

Radiator Springs Ramone

? (Do you know his name?)

Funny Car Mater

Tim Rimmer

Pinion Tanaka

Mel Dorado

Van/ Vagoneta

Rescue Squad Trooper

Officer Murakarmi

Petrov Trunkov


Jay Limo

Finn McMissile Submarine

‘Mini Adventures’ Ramone

‘Mini Adventures’ Flo

Gray Semi

Paul Valdez

Mack Transporter

Spy Train Transporter


Cars 2 Collectibles by Mattel Part 1.

Cars 2 Collectibles by Mattel Part 2.

“Smart Boy” !

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My teacher drew these on my hands…

Thanks, teacher, for appreciating my efforts in school 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: SOLITARY

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Shots taken by mom last year 🙂

Some more “solitary” photographs at The Daily Post.

TGIF Again!

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Another visit to our favorite resto, TGI Friday’s.

Kiddie meal – Pasta with chicken strips! Yum!

Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Texas Rib Eye with rice and fries.

A kiddie tumbler for my orange juice!


Drinks for my parents 🙂

The friendly TGIF service crew.

My family loves it here!


It’s a sweet Saturday at SWEET SATURDAYS! Bring anything sweet HERE.

It’s potluck every Sunday at YUMMY SUNDAYS. Bring your food HERE.

Lunch Box

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What’s in my lunch box today?

Or should I say “WHO’s” in my lunch box today?

What fun!

Thanks, Mom!

My School Bus

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I wait for my school bus everyday.

I love my school bus 🙂

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