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This week I’m joining “SWEET SATURDAY” and YUMMY SUNDAY” blog memes.

Sweet Saturdays is all about blogging about something sweet in our lives. It could be art, illustrations, food, a recipe or a sweet photo….or a sweet find in your favorite shop. The host blog is HERE.

Yummy Sundays is about food, food and food!  Try to visit the host blog HERE.


I love donuts! These are my favorites from Krispy Kreme.






Want to join Yummy Sundays? It’s pot luck! Bring your food over HERE. Anyhting sweet to share? Link them up HERE!


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  1. i love original glazed from KK too 🙂 But for flavored/ filled donuts, i’d go for J.Co! 😀

    • I’d love to try that!

  2. I just has my Krispy Kreme a few days ago and I love them. Your doughnut photos are great!

    • visiting from Perfectly Blended!

      • Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Visiting from Yummy Sunday on a Monday. 🙂

    KK donuts are too sweet for me, but I indulge once in a while.

    • Yup, indulge once in a while! 😀
      Thanks for dropping by!

  4. I love Krispy Kreme I like the taste of there donuts.


    • Same here!
      Thanks for the visit!

  5. wooow ! loved each one of them! I should make a trip to Krispy Kreme soon!! here for Yummy Sunday…

    • Thanks for stopping by, Raya!

  6. yummy donuts indee! love the last picture…sweet and colorful 🙂 Returning from Yummy Sunday 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jessica!

  7. oh so sweet of you to join us for Sweet Saturdays!!!! love these donuts!!!!

    • entered before I could leave my full name!!! Thanks for the donuts

      • And thanks for stopping by!

  8. Hmmn, hmmn, good and so sweet:)

    Visiting for Yummy Sunday- hope you can stop by…

    • Thanks for stopping by, Healy!

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