Iñigo’s Zoo

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Welcome to my zoo!

My Puzzle Dogs

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I have pet dogs.

But they are not real.

They are puzzles.

Ferrari World Part 3: Some More Snaps

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Here’s some more snaps from Ferrari World Abu Dhabi – the world’s largest indoor themepark.

I wonder why they’re keeping this small car in this huge window. Don’t they want children to play with it?

…and why are they allowing me to play with this bigger car ?

A Ferrari car filled with the official Ferrari World stuffed toy! How cool!

Vintage car!

I want to experience changing tires of a racing car!

I hope to be back in Ferrari World soon!


Ferrari World Part 1

Ferrari World Part 2

Car Show 52: Fire Trucks

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I love fire trucks.

Fire trucks help people whose lives and properties are in danger.

I have a collection of fire trucks. Here are they…

Monday Smile

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This week I’m joining “SWEET SATURDAY” and YUMMY SUNDAY” blog memes.

Sweet Saturdays is all about blogging about something sweet in our lives. It could be art, illustrations, food, a recipe or a sweet photo….or a sweet find in your favorite shop. The host blog is HERE.

Yummy Sundays is about food, food and food!  Try to visit the host blog HERE.


I love donuts! These are my favorites from Krispy Kreme.






Want to join Yummy Sundays? It’s pot luck! Bring your food over HERE. Anyhting sweet to share? Link them up HERE!

Car Show 51: My Disney Pixar CARS collection

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