My 4th Bday Part 7: FACEBOOK

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Dad posted a birthday greeting for me on FB.

And then many others followed.

Ana Villa- Manuevomalaki na siya nelson,bilis ng panahon …happy birthday Inigo!!July 18 at 11:10pm

Sonyboy FugabanHey, boy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You so look good in that pic.July 18 at 11:12pm

Diagelia Panes Agulayhappy birthday Iniego…….July 18 at 11:15pm

Beybi Nalangan-LasquetyHappy birthday!July 18 at 11:17pm

Roseminnie Batayola VillasorHappy birthday inigo…July 18 at 11:18pm

Bernadette G Bautistahappy birthday bebe ko 🙂 July 18 at 11:26pm

Marco B. Felipekonti na lang inigo, pede ka na manligaw! happy birthday! July 18 at 11:26pm

Lorna D. BegleyHappy Birthday beautiful boy!!July 18 at 11:30pm

 Allan OliverosHappy Birthday! July 18 at 11:32pm

Aileen SantosHappy Birthday Inigo Boy! God Bless!!! July 18 at 11:49pm

Renante ParalejasHappy Birthday Iñigo..Godbless July 19 at 12:32am

Lilibeth Abbu Marianohappy birthday inigo? July 19 at 1:05am

Chona ReyesHappy birthday  little nelson!! July 19 at 1:45am
Sophia Rani DominicHappy Birthday indigo. God bless u July 19 at 1:56am
Gee Gomez VillafuerteHappy happy birthday inigo!!!! :)) July 19 at 2:17am
Ester BernardoHappy birthday Inigo!July 19 at 3:18am
Pamela Manalo CensonHappy bday inigo, god bless u July 19 at 3:58am
Maria Edna BautistaHappy birthday Inigo.  Wishing you more collectible cars from your mom and dad July 19 at 4:22am

Grace Cuevo Velasco Happy bday!July 19 at 5:03am

Anna Lyn GarciaHappy birthday inigo!July 19 at 6:17am

Emily Tardecilla Manongdohappy bday Inigo..big boy na….July 19 at 6:32am

Nancy Ruiz RamosHappy birthday inigo!:)July 19 at 6:36am

Mayet Dela Cruz EstebanHappy birthday pogi!July 19 at 6:36am

Malou Puntero Gedang Happy Birthday Iñigo Gregorio Bautista!  God bless.July 19 at 6:37am

Mayeth Lorenzohappy birthday!!! God bless!July 19 at 6:58am

Lorenel AgrisolaHappy birthday!July 19 at 7:04am

Reinalyn O. Ulanghala ang laki na ..happy bdayJuly 19 at 7:09am

Roger Dulin AlbaoHappy Birthday Inigo!July 19 at 7:14am

Remyr Martin happy bday inigo!

Emee Saquing-Gulapa Happy BIrthday Iñigo Gregorio Bautista,big boy na ang baby ni Mareng Distky,& looking more and more like Daddy Nelson A. Bautista..God bless you baby..July 19 at 8:16am

Eden Daryl Sajolan-Oliveroshappy birthday inigo!July 19 at 8:18am

Lulette MendozaHappy birthday inigo!GOd bless.July 19 at 8:54am

Marichu Capati Infantebelated happy bday Iñigo…God bless July 19 at 9:26am

Perlita Yambaohappy happy birthday!!! oi sundan na yan!July 19 at 10:20am

Marivel Roquehappy b-day,pwede nang sunadan bigboy na.July 19 at 10:29am

Leenamol GeorgeBe lated birth day wishes 2 Inigo…..July 19 at 10:32am

Remedios Gregoriohappy birthday apo kong mabait! ang ganda ng lips, pamatay! pinaglihi ka rin ba sa kamatis, katulad ni mommy? hehehe July 19 at 12:09pm

‘Nydee Aguilar Hinampas’Happy birthday Nego…be good. Enjoy.;-)July 19 at 12:54pm

Chenyene Tenizo ValdezHappy birthday nyego!  Godbless July 19 at 12:56pm

Emar GregorioHBD my fren! July 19 at 1:15pm

Arlene Dumo SorianoHaPpY BirThDaY kuya inigo! July 19 at 1:21pm

Yrag Chiqui Rapsaghappy birthday, inigo!!! have u completed your cars collection yet?!  that must be your wish, ei (or should i say mom and dad’s wish)  “,) July 19 at 3:27pm

Ronaldo Raymundosana maging katulad k ng daddy, almost a perfect man, npakabait!!!! July 19 at 4:01pm

Mark Anthony DuenasHappy bday inigo! 🙂July 19 at 4:22pm

Portugal Teresahappy b day apo July 19 at 7:07pm

Shie Guanzonhappy birthday inigo!…July 19 at 8:04pm

Michael Perez Ramoshappy birthday poging inigo! good health and God bless you and your family.July 19 at 8:24pm

Elizabeth CallanganHappy bday inigo! July 19 at 9:03pm

Grace BaliteHappy Birthday, Inigo!!:-) Friday at 3:54am

Miller Vengcoinigo! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Friday at 10:11am

May GregorioHappy Birthday,inaanak! 🙂 Loveyou..Friday at 5:01pm

Zhe Santiago belated Inigo,, it’s been a while na pala since we celebrated with you,,,, wishing you good health always,,,, god bless 😀

Emmaline SPHappy birthday inigo! Saturday at 3:12am

Rizalito Bautistadude !!! bertday mo na pala !!!!! happy bertday !!!!Saturday at 4:17am

Rodelio BautistaHAPPY BDAY iNIGO!!Yesterday at 3:27am

Angelita de Jesushappy birthday..!Yesterday at 7:56am

Romina MoyanoHappy Birthday Inigo!July 19 at 1:12am via mobile

Leizl TapiaHappy happy bday, Inigo.July 19 at 2:18am

Jing Eulogiohappy bday inaanak lista muna ulit ha 🙂July 19 at 8:59am

Em-em Soriano happy birthday kuya inigo! :-))

Renallie Estrellahappy bday inigo!muah Saturday at 7:39am

Nanette DayaoHappy Birthday Inigo!!!Saturday at 9:33am

And many others “liked.”












I would like to thank everyone who took time sending their greetings! God bless you all!



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  1. Happy birthday little boy Inigo, wish you all the best the world can offer :))

  2. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY cute boy ^^

    • Thanks, jennifer!

  3. Happy 4th Birthday Inigo! More greetings here for you aside from your FB. 🙂

    • Thanks, Michelle!

  4. happy birthday! 🙂

  5. Happy birthday to your little boy Inigo! Best wishes!

    • Thanks, Ma. Theresa!

  6. Pahabol ako, happy birthday little guy! 🙂

  7. ooh, happy birthday too, that’s additional greetings.

    • Thank you, mr dreamer!

  8. What a smile…. made my night completely good! Happy birthday to you little boy..

    • Thanks, anygen!

  9. happy birthday little boy. always do good deeds.

    • Thanks, Bonzenti!

  10. happy birthday! be good always.

    • Thanks, Rachelle!

  11. Great collection of greetings! 🙂 I wish him all the best.

    • Thanks, Lizzie!

  12. It’s not too late to greet you a Happy Birthday I hope 🙂 I’m sure you had a good one!

    • Thanks, Marikristi!

    • Thanks a lot! I love the video 😀

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