My 4th Bday: Birthday Cake

July 20, 2012 at 7:54 pm | Posted in BIRTHDAYS, FOOD TALK | 14 Comments
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Yesterday was my 4th birthday!

My last three birthdays were celebrated extravagantly with big parties. But this year, my parents decided to keep it simple.

They decided to have this day, just especially for me. How the day went will be my next stories.


In the morning, mom surprised me with a birthday cake!

My parents sang a birthday song and then I blew the candle!

And then Mom and Dad kissed and hugged me.

What a great morning to start my special day!



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  1. I like the cars on your cake 🙂

  2. This looks fantastic, Yummy! =D

    • Thanks for stopping by, mydearbakes!

  3. Happy birthday! What a great looking cake – I’ll bet it was tasty, too!

    • Thanks for the greeting, Cathy! The cake was indeed tasty!

  4. That cake takes the cake! Those cars are so cool and the rest of the cake rocks, too. Happy Birthday, Iñigo. Looking forward to the stories.

    • Thanks for the greetings, Gemma! The cars are Mom’s idea!

  5. I wanna birthday cake like that! Happy birthday!

    • Thanks for the greetings, Russel Ray!

  6. I Love your cake! It’s looks soooo yummy! Happy Birthday Deary!

  7. I can see you had a great start on your birthday, Inigo. I wish you many HAPPY RETURNS!

    • Thanks, AuntyUta!

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