Vacation Bits 22: Biking with Ate Nicole

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This is still part of the series about my recent vacation to the Philippines last May 🙂


Ate Nicole and I went for some biking along the streets of Poblacion in Guiguinto Bulacan.

She brought me to a small park in front of the Municipal Hall.

According to my Dad, he used to play here as a little boy.

There were lots of grass in this area before, and Dad said he used to play with the other kids here especially on weekends. They would ran around, and play outdoor games such as luksong-tinik, patintero, tumbang-preso, harangang-daga, taguan, putbol, at iba pa.

They didn’t have lots of toys, but they had lots of fun. It must be cool living during those years.  My wish is to have more friends like Dad’s who would play and run with me, despite this ‘computer games’ age.

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