Weekly Photo Challenge: INDULGE

February 25, 2012 at 1:12 am | Posted in WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE | 18 Comments
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I’m officially joining the bandwagon. I’m joining the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge starting this week.

This week’s theme is INDULGE. I couldn’t help but think about food when I hear this word. So here goes my post –

One of my parents’ favorite Chinese restaurant in the Philippines is CHOWKING. It has branches around the world, and so they were glad to find one inside Dragon Mart in Dubai.

Sleepy waiting for the food 🙂

Wakey, wakey… the food is here!

Pancit Canton, Spring Rolls, Chicharap,  Siomai and Rice

Braised Beef Rice Topping


 Some more Siomai!

Sago Gulaman

Iced Tea Milk

Mouth-watering! Delicious! I’d love to come back 🙂


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  1. Nice post.

  2. Welcome to the weekly photo challenge. Your photos look delicious. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

    • Thanks for the warm welcome! And thanks for visiting too!

  3. Inigo I like your blog, make sure mummy and daddy buy you lots of treats!

    • Thanks Gilly! Mom and Dad buy me lots of treats all the time. Thank you for the visit.

  4. They look yummy!

    • They sure do. Thanks for the visit, Fergiemoto!

  5. Great photos. See you around!!

    • Thanks a lot!

  6. welcome to the weekly photo challenge.
    such a variety of images. the Buchi look like fun. Are they sweet, or are they savoury?
    in any case – you are making me hungry 🙂
    thank you for sharing!

    • Inside buchi is boiled mashed mongo, the outer covering is made up of glutinous rice rolled in sesame seeds. It’s kinda sweet because of mongo 🙂
      Thanks for visiting 😀

  7. Glad to see you participating, little boy!

    • Thanks, Tito Sony! I hope I can come out with something every week 🙂

  8. So Chowking is Mom and Dad’s favorite, huh? I’m glad to hear there’s one now in UAE. Here in Manila, it was disappointing to see all the portions became so little, unlike before! But the Halo-halo is by far still the best in the menu!

    Bon appetit and have a great week!


    • Oh that’s sad to hear about their branches in Manila. However here, the servings are still okay. I hope they don’t change here.
      I’d love to have a taste on their halu-halo as I haven’t tried that. It’s still colder here, so I might try that later on summer.
      Thanks for visiting 🙂

  9. You look so cute on that pic where you were already sleepy waiting for the food.

    • It was very tiring walking around so I must be tired already on that shot 🙂 Thanks for the visit Tito Sony!

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