Kids’ Party! (part 3)

February 5, 2012 at 12:46 am | Posted in EVENTS CELEBRATED, PLACES I'VE BEEN TO | 4 Comments


The centerpiece of the party was this giant balloon castle where all of the kids jumped the whole afternoon.

And everybody took a plunge on the slide!




And so where’s my slide shot????

Wait till I get in…

Here you go…



Whew! That was fun!

 And now, I’d like to present with you the whole gang…

Nurses’ kids R’ Us! 



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  1. I love your Entry my friend
    and I love to invite you here

    • Thanks, Tito Jake!

  2. Hi Inigo,

    Looks like you really had fun. Tell your mom and dad to continue bringing you to kiddie birthday parties like what I did to your Kuya CJ and Ate Acey, but now they’re a bit old for kiddie parties. It’s a different experience to be able to play with other kids of your age. Minsan ka lang maging bata so might as well enjoy it to the max!!!

    • Thanks for the advice Tita Aidisan! With my parents help, I hope I enjoy my childhood to the max. Thanks for the visit. My regards to Kuya CJ and Ate Acey.
      PS. Belated happy birthday to Ate Acey!

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