The Year That Was

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Today is the last day for the year 2011. It was a year full of blessings and surprises, but also there were low times. Allow me to share with you my last glimpse of the year that was. Here’s my 2011 highlights.

January-February. My year opened with so much blessings. I received so many toys. I had my first bike. I had my first cinema watch.

March – HILI FUN CITY – My family visited a theme park located in our city – Hili Fun City. FIRST TRY AT SCHOOLING. My parents enrolled me at Golden Bell Nursery for the first time. Unfortunately, it seemed I didn’t like the school. I threw my tantrums every morning before going to school, until I eventually got sick and my parents decided to stop sending me to school.

May – FIRST BEACH EXPERIENCE. We had a dip at the Corniche in Abu Dhabi and savored the delicious dishes at the rotating restaurant in Marina Mall.

June to July – VACATION! My parents and I flew to the Philippines for a month-long vacation. I was able to mingle with my relatives and I got to visit different places, including a trip to Boracay beach!

July 19 – 3RD BDAY! I celebrated my 3rd birthday at Jollibee Kiddie Land in Balagtas, Bulacan. It was well-attended by my relatives and friends!

August 23 – LOLO RENE, my grandfather, passed away. My family went for an emergency trip back to the Philippines to give our last respect to my Dad’s father.

October – NEW SCHOOL! My parents enrolled me in a new school and this time, I enjoyed coming to school. Every morning, I looked forward to riding the school bus to bring me to school. I enjoy learning new things and playing with my classmates.

November – YAS ISLAND. We had a trip to Yas Island, home of Yas Marina Circuit, where I get to watch real racing cars in action. We also visited Ferrari World, and stayed overnight at Crowne Plaza Hotel.

December – SICK. I was sick during the first week of the month. I was having high fever and my runny nose did not stop. I was consulted to the doctor. PARTIES. I attended so many Christmas and birthday parties! I received so many gifts too.


In the blogging world, I made a lot of achievements.

1. This is my 292nd post for 2011! That’s a lot of post! Blogging almost everyday!

2. I have 691 blog followers! Wow!

3. On April 26,2011, my blog entered the Top 100 rank of the Philippines’ Top Personal Blogs, courtesy of I was at number 88!

4. I received my very first blog award – The Candle Lighter Award given by Jake of Time After Time.

I Love Mommy

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Our Fave Morning Pastries

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Here’s what we love for a nice morning…

Blueberry cheese cake for Dad.

Four cheese and roasted tomato sandwich for Mom.

Sugar-coated square doughnuts for ME!


Late Lunch @ TGI Friday’s

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My parents and I had late lunch at TGI Friday’s Bawadi.

TGIF is very kid-friendly!


There are some intereting stuffs hanging on the wall…

… and best of all, the food was delicious!


Four-cheese Pasta

Flat Iron Steak with Chef’s Vegetables and Spanish Rice

The Last of the Xmas Parties

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Whew! It’s been great during the last days. Daily parties! What more can you ask for 🙂 Last 25th December 4pm was the last of the Christmas parties I attended for this year. This one was held at Tita Rose’ new house at New Manasir.

Presenting… my family on a Christmas Day 🙂

Looking forward to next year’s parties and celebrations 🙂 Cheers !

Tohr and Daryl’s Birthday

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I attended 2 birthday parties last 23rd December.

Here’s a few snaps from Kuya TOHR’s 4th birthday 😀

… and a bunch from Kuya DARYL’s 6th birthday 😀

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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Today is Papa Jesus’ birthday! Happy birthday!

Last night was Christmas eve and we spent it at Tita DJ and Tito Marco’s house, together with our family friends. We had a nice time, and I received so many gifts again. Thank you very much po!










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