Happy 4th Blogiversary!

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Join me today as I greet my blog a happy birthday! My site is 4 years old!

How come my site is older than me? That’s because this blog started when I was still inside mommy’s tummy. I wasn’t even born yet, my stories had started. Check out the first posts in November 2007 HERE.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who passed by, left some comments, clicked ‘like’ and rated using the stars. Thanks also to those who subscribed, reposted, and retweeted. I am very grateful for lending me your time.

Again, thanks everyone! Cheers!

Party! Party!

Junior Master Chef

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After school, “my friend” invited me for some baking lessons in his bakeshop.

We are going to bake “cheese manakish”…

 … it’s dough with cheese on top…

My bread is ready to be placed in a traditional oven, also known as “pugon” in Tagalog.

Chatting with a friend while waiting for my bread to finish…

Cheese Manakish. Done.

Jahili Park, Take 3

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I am starting to love Jahili Park! I asked Mom if we could go back today, and so for the third time this week, we went again to enjoy the cool afternoon.

A stroll in the park…

Hmmm… I think I see something on that side…

… The playground!







 After having fun at the park, mom and I went to the church to give thanks for all our blessings. Thank you po!

Jahili Park, Take 2

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It’s weekend! I asked Mom if we could go back to the park. And she gladly said yes!

So after my afternoon nap, Mom and I visited Jahili Park again. Mom brought some bread, biscuits, and juice for my snacks.


Lulu Hypermart Part 2

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It seemed Mom liked it when she shopped at Lulu Hypermarket last time. So here we are, back at Lulu’s for some grocery shopping.

I love this pushcart! There’s a built-in car for little boys like me 🙂


Buying ‘chicken asado’ for dinner.

Day 4 Winter Walk

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Today is Eid Holidays Day 4, and also Dad-being-away Day 4. I woke up a bit late today because it’s No-School Day 4 also.

The morning air at the veranda was a bit colder so mom and I sensed the start of this year’s winter. In the afternoon, we had a nice walk to one of my favorite gift shop, Al Qabael. I didn’t find any new toy at the shop so I didn’t buy any. Mom got me a CARS 2 sticker book though. She also bought me some school stuff – transparent plastic covers to cover my books, cellotape and tape dispenser.

On our way home, we dropped by Thai Table to order my favorite pansit canton.

At Thai Table checking out my sticker book while waiting for our pansit canton.

I call this guy “my friend”. I greet him whenever I see him on the way.

 Before going to sleep, I had to watch my favorite movie again – Cars 2.

Good night, everyone!

Lulu Supermarket Kuwaitat

November 8, 2011 at 9:15 pm | Posted in PLACES I'VE BEEN TO | Leave a comment

It’s still Eid Holidays, and still no school. Mom and I explored a supermarket we haven’t visited – Lulu Supermarket in Kuwaitat. Mom got me a egg chocolates and books. We also ate pansit canton there.


Sudoku master

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