Iñigo’s Letter

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This letter was from my Nursery school. For my parents.


Hi Mama, Papa,

It was my first day at school (2nd October 2011), I stayed away from my home for a total of 4 hours, amidst all strangers, can you believe it?

When you left me I was totally terrified, although the aunties (is she the one you call my teacher? And maybe another one a helper?) were really sweet. They sang, they played for us, they watched cartoons for us. There were lots and lots of  whimpering brats, whom the teacher kept calling ‘darlings.’

Whew, the day is over, well, this is what my ‘Teacher’ has asked me to inform you.

The name of my teacher is Mrs. Lakshmi Pawar.

The name of the principal is Mr. Leonard Murphy.

The name of the chairman is Mr. Arshad Sharief.

The name of the Managing Director is Mrs. Tanveer Arshad.

*  I study in Nursery, which is called Mickey.

*  My school begins at 8:30 am and finishes by 12:30 pm.

*  If I am using school bus, I must be ready on time in the allotted place, and if I am using my own transport, I should reach on time and leave on time.

*  I am required to wear the uniform immaculate and neat, and my shoes should be clean and polished.

*  I bring all my books on the first day of school but take back home only the ones which are required to be carried back and forth. All other books will be with my teacher, which I use at school. Only the last weekend of every month I will bring them home for you to see my work.

*  I bring my diary and my note books each day to school. My diary shall have all information about me. I wear my identity card wihtout fail to school.

*  I bind my books with a plastic wrap, and all my belongings are marked.

*  I will bring for myself only healthy food. I will avoid chips and frizzy drinks. I will always have a napkin, few tissues, spoon and fork (if I need) along with my snacks.

*  I will always be mindful of my hygiene, keeping my hair in order. I will clip my nails and keep them short and clean.

* I will maintain a file of all my circulars and a file of all my work sheets and drawing and coloring work.

*  If I am allergic to any medicine, any insect bite, I must inform my teacher immediately through a letter.

*  I love to come to school because it is full of fun and activities. I have PE (Physical Education), and activity class where I learn to make things, have an assembly where I go on stage to speak up! My parents are most welcome to help us and also to spend time with us.

*  I shall be made the class leader for a whole week, with a badge, if my behavior, studies and books are all appreciable.

*  If you need to contact my school regarding me or any queries, please keep this information with you.

Office Timings 7:30am to 2:00pm

Tel No.: 03 (——-)

Thank you, Mama Papa for having selected this school for me. I know I am to be not only happy here but also will make you proud in everything I do.



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