First Day of School

October 5, 2011 at 11:20 am | Posted in MILESTONES, SCHOOL TIME! | 4 Comments

The first day of school went well. Mom prepared me for school. I had a nice breakfast, and she gave me a warm bath. She helped me wear my uniform. She also had my bag ready with the stuff I’ll need for the day – some food, milo and juice. To be honest, I didn’t have any idea where we were going. What I only knew was that we’re going out, and that’s something I always enjoy.

We went down the building to wait for my ride. Just a few minutes later, we saw Dad arriving from work. He came from a night shift. He was so glad to catch me before I left.

When the school bus came, my parents helped me get up the bus. I was so surprised that Mom and Dad did not come with me inside the bus. That was the first time I was riding a bus without them. The bus door closed, and they waved goodbye to me. I just mumbled an automatic reply – “bye…”. And the bus left. I looked around and found other kids around me. Their faces look the same – they were all in the verge of crying.

When we reached school, I cried big time. The other kids were doing the same. The first day was surely difficult as expected. No parents around. I guess our parents wanted us to learn to be independent.

I became better when we started our activities. We played and we watched cartoons. The time came for us to go home. We were assisted to the school bus, and all of us were brought back to our families.

When I stepped down the schoolbus in front of our building, I found Mom patiently waiting for me. I was just so glad to be back in her arms. And I’m glad to have a very supportive mom, who has 100% of her time for me 🙂


And guess what… Dad seemed to be more anxious than me. Proof? He posted this on Facebook after I left for school in the morning….

Nelson A. Bautista   It’s INIGO’s first day of school! The school bus has just taken our little boy away… whaaaaaaa!!! Miss ko na ang bebe ko!! Good luck nyego! Uwi ka agad ha!LikeUnlike · · Share · Sunday at 9:31am

 … a “STAR” on my first day of school!



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  1. hahahah I can still remember my first day in school..I was crying that time when mom left..hehehe

    • I think that’s called “separation anxiety” and it happens to most kids 🙂

  2. Excellent job, Iñigo! You’re such a cute and smart kid. Make your parents proud always, okay?

    • Thanks! I will!

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