Cos Play

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I love to be in costumes! I can be whatever I wish I can be.

I can be Captain America or Barney…


I can be Lady Bug or Santa…


I can be Optimus Prime or Sheriff Woody…


But whatever I become, I can always be the same boy you’ll always love 🙂


My Cool Family

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Smiles in Pyjamas

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Car Show 30

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25 CARS!

These are Ben 10 Overspeed racing cars.


This one is a ’64 Ford Mustang by Maisto. Scaled at 1/39.


A gift from Tito Peter and Tita Susan!

A Ferrari 599XX! Made under license by Xin Yu Arts Toys for XO Toys. It’s remote controlled!





The Blue Power Ranger

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Car Show 29: Cars the Movie

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My 29th Car Show will be dedicated to my Cars the Movie characters.

The star of the movie is Lightning McQueen. He is a red racing car.

This is Mack, and he is the official carrier of Lightning McQueen.

Both of my McQueen and Mack are made by Fischer Price.

Tow Mater is McQueen’s bestfriend. He is from Mattel Canada.

Francesco Bernoulli is the strongest competitor of McQueen in Cars 2. He’s also made by Mattel Canada.

Finn McMissile is the heroic secret agent and British superspy loaded with gadgets. This model is also made by Mattel.

More to come (I hope! If my parents would buy me some more of the characters 🙂 )!


Lightning McQueen was in our city. He was on display from October 19 to 22 in Babyshop, Bawadi Mall.

Happy Reading!

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Feeling studious…


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