My Last Memories of Tatay Rene

September 16, 2011 at 10:48 am | Posted in DOWNTIMES, IMPORTANT PEOPLE | 2 Comments
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It was August 23 when my parents received the sad news. Tatay Rene passed away. Tatay Rene is my grandfather from dad’s side.

The following day, we flew to the Philippines to give our last respect to him. That was my 14th plane ride. We were home by midnight.

I didn’t have a clear concept of death yet, so I just see Tatay as sleeping, and who would probably wake up later to join us for dinner.

But Tatay Rene never woke up, and I saw him being brought to the church, and to the place they called “cemetery”. I guess, I’ll never get to hug him again. Sigh. Love u, Tatay. You will forever be in our hearts.


Here are some of my last memories of Tatay Rene…

Tatay Rene was part of the entourage that greeted and fetched us from the airport last 24th of June during our family vacation this year.

This was during Dad’s birthday last 28th of June. Tatay entertained our in-laws.

I personally took this shot using dad’s celfone camera. I was practicing my picture-taking skills until I saw Tatay Rene and captured his smile. This was last July 18 only.

Tatay Rene was able to attend my 3rd birthday party held at Jollibee Kiddieland last 19th of July. The venue was on the 2nd floor but he was able to climb the stairs 🙂


Thank you, Tatay Rene for the nice memories. Thank you for bringing me a nice dad. We love you so much.


Dad will make you cry with his eulogy delivered during the funeral HERE.



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  1. It saddens me to know that he already passed away. I never had the chance to say goodbye when my grandma passed away. It’s always hard to loose someone so dearly but we have the great memories to relive their presence everyday. Thanks.

  2. […] First thing the following morning, we planned a trip to Endless Love Memorial Park to visit Tatay Rene, Dad’s dad, my grandfather basically. He passed away last August. […]

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