Bakasyon Bits 50: THE WAY BACK

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Well, vacation is over. I had lots of fun and I surely will treasure the great times. The Philippines is definitely where home is.

But we have to go back to where my parents earn a living. So, this I have to say… Ma’asalama! See you all again next year!







At Ninoy Aquino International Airport…

My 12th plane ride…

At Hongkong International Airport for a short stop-over

My 13th plane ride to reach Abu Dhabi Airport


And there goes my 50th post about my vacation. I hope you guys enjoyed the journey as much as I did. Thanks for dropping by my site to follow me on my vacation.

I had a wonderful time with family and friends and I thank everyone who made my stay worth the trip.

And now, I’m back to regular programming 🙂




Bakasyon Bits 49: Nanay Medy

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Bakasyon Bits 48: TOY FRIENDS

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Yum, Jollibee and Popo

Ben 10 glowing action figures.

Buzz Lightyear, Woody (Sorry I broke the arms 😦 ), and Elmo.


Angry bird, Toy Story spoon and fork collection, camera, Ben 10 sword and spiderman blinking shades 🙂

Bakasyon Bits 47: CAR SHOW 25

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These are my toy cars in the Philippines. Unfortunately, I had to leave them all behind. I’ll see them again next year 🙂 I’ll probably bring a few though 🙂

Ninong Jhay and Ninang Jazmine gave this to me.

This one’s from Tito Joseph

Thomas and Friends train from Ninang Raqz and family 🙂





Bakasyon Bits 46: SCHOOL REVISIT

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Another visit to my parents’ alma mater.

Mrs. Lapena was my parents’ teacher when they were still 12 years old.

This used to be my parents’ playground.

Bakasyon Bits 45: BIKING

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I love to bike!




Bakaksyon Bits 44: OPENING THE GIFTS

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So here goes the most favorite part in the life of a birthday boy – opening the gifts!!!

This study table is courtesy of Jollibee Kiddieland. I-model ko muna, huh.

Thomas and Friends Train?!!! Whaa! Pangarap lang dati ito… 🙂

A red car?!! Whaaa! Hindi ko naman to masyado gusto…. 🙂 Wala pede humawak nito haaa….

Thanks to everyone who bothered a gift! God bless you all! You made my day extra special!

I have to go now. So many more gifts to open 🙂

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