Flying TODAY!

June 23, 2011 at 12:26 am | Posted in PLACES I'VE BEEN TO | 4 Comments
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Aside from my parents’ anniversary , today is also the day when we fly to the Philippines for a month-long vacation! Hoooraaaay! We are flying via Cathay Pacific with stop-over in Hongkong. This is going to be my 8th and 9th airplane ride.


Abu Dhabi International Airport

2:00pm     – Leaving Al Ain City via Cathay Pacific Shuttle Bus

4:00pm     – Should arrive in Abu Dhabi International Airport

4:10pm      – Check-in time

6:10pm      – Scheduled flight (CX 682) Abu Dhabi to Hongkong

Hongkong International Airport


6:00am      – Arriving in Hongkong International Airport

8:00am      – Scheduled flight (CX 907) Hongkong to Manila

9:55am       – Arriving at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Manila)

Ninoy Aquino International Airport

So what more can I say but… see you guys in the Philippines tomorrow!


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  1. You are one fortunate son Iñigo boy. When you grow old, this blog will be one of your greatest treasure. This is one great present from your parents.

    Thanks for the follow and I have now followed you back. Looks like you have a lot of followers and I’m not sure if I can beat that, congrats and stay happy! 🙂

    • Thanks Tito Arvee! I’m glad you liked my site. My parents said they will give this site to me when I grow up, but I will be given the option on whether to continue the site, make my own site, or if I would even decide to blog. This is a reminder of my parents’ love.
      I actually don’t know how I got these much followers, but most of them are the ‘silent’ type because not much leave comments. But I thank the Lord for having them.
      Thanks for following back! You have a nice blog too 🙂

      • You’re very much welcome Inigo. No matter how you move forward with this blog, it’s all up to you, depends on what you want when that time comes. Just the same, this is indeed a reminder of how much your parents love you.

        • Thanks again Tito Arvee!

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