2nd Overnight Desert Camping

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our tent 🙂

We had another overnight desert camping last Thursday! It was to celebrate Tito Jaime’s birthday! There were lots of food, 2 live bands, and a lot of singing.

This is my second time but I enjoyed the first one better. This time, there was a SAND STORM, so my parents did not allow me to stay out on the sands. I already have running nose and the dust would aggravate my condition.  The wind was so strong, that  our tent was about to be blewn away. Dad transferred us to a car, before the tent gets wrecked.

Also, the 4×4 car got stucked in the sand twice – the first one was when we were on our way to the camp site because it was too dark to see the way, and the second was in the morning when we were on our way out of the camp site.

All in all, it was a good experience and a nice family time.

dad on the mic


We were planning to go to Iceland resort in the morning but my parents decided to drop the plan off, because I still have a bad nose, and I guess to give us some more rest. We might not enjoy Iceland if we were too tired. There’s always next time 🙂


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