Iñigo 2.5!

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I am two and a half years old! Happy 2nd-and-a-half birthday to me!

30 months came quite quick! I have grown so fast and I am a big boy now. So many things have happened to me, and my developments were quite amazing. Let me share you some of my milestones at this point.

I can easily tell my age when asked, but I still need a little help when asked about my name. I know the people around me by their names, and I call them by that. I say the names of the people I know on the pictures. I can also tell the names of my favorite characters when seen on tv or pictures, like Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, Buzz, Elmo, Jollibee.

I understand relationship between objects, and the concepts of simple puzzles and shape-sorting toys. I also know the shapes by their names.

I most of the time hum, or try to sing. I sometimes play my toy guitar, while I sing on the mic. I love music and I try to imitate my parents when they sing.

I enjoy looking at books. I received lots of books as Christmas present last month and I am enjoying looking at the pictures. I also love to color the pictures using my crayons.

I know my numbers and ABCs! I can readily tell the name of that letter or number when asked. I know from A to Z, and 1 to 10.

I have become a very affectionate boy – I hug and kiss people. “Mano po” or putting the hand of the elderly on my forehead is a Filipino tradition I have learned from my parents. I say “thank you” and “excuse me” when needed.

I enjoy simple make-believe activities like talking on the phone or putting on hats and eye glasses. I love playing with my toy cars as if there is traffic along the main highway.

I still have some not-so-good side though, which they say are pretty normal for my age.  I still act shy around other people. I easily get frustrated, but I insist on trying to do several tasks without help. This is the phase when I am struggling to get hold of my impulses, actions and feelings. I hope to overcome all these behaviors when I get more older.

My parents’ wish for me is that I grow up healthy, smart and God-fearing. Thank you Lord for the blessings.

Happy 2.5 Birthday to me!

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