KC’s 3rd Bday

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KC celebrated her 3rd birthday last 29th but her parents decided to hold her party on the 31st so it falls on a weekend. As usual, there were so many children, and so much food.

Abrielle’s 2nd Bday Party

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After the Christmas children’s party at Tita Emily’s flat, we went straight to Tita Veronica’s place for her daughter’s 2nd birthday party. She was born on Christmas day! Play, play, play. Eat, eat, eat.

Christmas Day!

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Happy birthday, Jesus!

Today is Christmas day and I attended 2 children’s parties today. The first one was at Tita Emily’s flat. A children’s party for Surgical 2 staff kids was held. Dada hosted the games and we also sang together. I played a lot with the other kids there. I also got the chance to distribute the gifts for my friends.

Gift-giving time!

I received some gifts too!

Duet with Dad…

Piktyur piktyur…

Christmas Eve

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We spent Christmas eve at Tita DJ and Tito Marco’s flat. We had Noche Buena with some of our friends as well. I only have this picture at the moment coz our camera battery ran dry, but I’ll be posting pics from the other cams later on.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Sleep-over at Tita DJ’s

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Children’s Christmas Party

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A children’s Christmas Party was held at the Tawam Recreation Center this afternoon. This was attended by Tawam hospital staff’s children. There were so many children! There were face-painting, balloon-twisting and a magic show. Minnie Mouse came over to say hi, and Santa Claus made a surprise visit! He gave me a nice gift and we took a picture with him. Thanks Santa! Merry Christmas!


When I got home, I was so excited to open Santa’s present….

New clothes!!! Thanks, Santa! Just what I needed for my next Christmas parties…


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It’s gonna be Christmas in 3 days! Yahuu! This is going to be my 3rd Christmas, and my second here in the UAE. So far, all my Christmases have been merry and for sure, this year’s going to be fun, too.

I just want to share some Christmas-related snaps I had this month.

A small Christmas tree for the room. To save some space.

The Holy Belen and Santa @ Choitrams.

                                    With mom, by the big tree.

Christmas family pic

Some Christmas gifts I received are gifts for the mind! Books! I love to read!

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