Concert Boi 4

August 7, 2010 at 8:22 am | Posted in CONCERT BOY, TOYS FOREVER, VIDEOS | 3 Comments

Here I am singing again, with my new microphone… this time, with a little bit of dancing…


Total performer in-the-making…



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  1. From FB

    Cristy Wong, Melidy Liper Macapodi, May Punongbayan Gregorio, and Drich Burn A Bay like this.

    Roger Dulin Albao – akala ko kumakanta sa handle ng vacuum cleaner,…go inigo go! talong talo ang daddy!
    10 hours ago

    Nelson A. Bautista – ahahaha…
    10 hours ago

    Beybi Nalangan-Lasquety – kuya roger bkit nman handle ng vacuum? hehe.
    galing gling ni inigo!!
    10 hours ago

    Nelson A. Bautista – laruang mic un with stand! tnx roger and beybi!
    10 hours ago

    Beybi Nalangan-Lasquety – mukhang sa xmas party ntin c inigo n knta ng GOLD.
    9 hours ago

    Beybi Nalangan-Lasquety – un nga b title nun?
    9 hours ago

    Nelson A. Bautista – yup GOLD nga! galing mu! hehe!
    9 hours ago

    Rowena Asi Bautista – uy may lahi ba chinese yun anak mo hehhehehhe
    6 hours ago

    Nelson A. Bautista – may lahing pogi lang …. whaaaa!! hahahah!
    4 hours ago

  2. FROM FB

    Vhergie P. Nocon, Lloyd Caneta, Filmarosa M.Gabales like this.

    Rowena Asi Bautista – ha mana kasi kay tito aries niya heheheheheh
    August 7 at 11:43pm

    Filmarosa M.Gabales – wow super nice…… may high pitch pa sya with matching kembot…super love love it….
    August 8 at 3:48am

    Cristy Wong – he he mukhang ala ricky martin ah !
    August 8 at 9:13pm

    Maria Edna Bautista – Walang sinabi si Justin Bieber
    Monday at 6:53am

    Nelson A. Bautista – thanks po sa mga nag comment and nag-like :)))
    Tuesday at 11:50pm

    Jing Eulogio – manang mana talaga sa ninong nya pati kapogian! cge umangal kayu!
    16 hours ago

    Miller Vengco – hahahaha, idol!
    2 hours ago

  3. From FB

    Boknog Gregorio, Lulette Mendoza and Rizalito Bautista like this.

    Rizalito Bautista – ay sus…. manang mana ka sa ninong mo… ehem !!!
    August 12 at 7:38am

    Lulette Mendoza – mana pala sa yo,may pagka concert king!
    August 12 at 8:14am

    Nelson A. Bautista ‎@pits – ah mana rin sa u… andaming pinagmanahan hehehe…
    @ lulette – concert prince pa lang! hehehe!
    August 12 at 1:28pm

    Boknog Gregorio GO FOR GOLD IDOL!!!
    August 12 at 2:55pm

    Rhona A. Capoquian hala…mana sa daddy talaga!
    August 13 at 12:46am

    Rhona A. Capoquian ano daw ?d ko maintindihan baby…he he he!
    August 13 at 12:48am

    Nelson A. Bautista ‎@ boknog – musta po jan!!!
    @rhona – naku hindi ko rin naman maintindihan… enjoyin na lang hehe..
    August 13 at 9:19am

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