30 June 10 Smiley :)

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29 June 10 Brushing My Teeth!

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During the last months, Mom helped me brush my teeth using a toothbrush that she wore in one of her fingers. I hated it so much.

But now, I learned how to brush teeth by myself. Mom only has to put the toothpaste, and the brushing is done by me! I have my own baby toothbrush! Thanks to my parents who let me watch them brush their teeth!

Zero cavities!

28 June 10 Dad’s Bday!

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Dad blowing his cake

Dad celebrated his birthday at Tito Oscar’s flat on the evening of the 27th. There were lots of food, singing and dancing. It was a fun-filled night which ended at 3am only. I got to sleep at 4am! Whew!

Happy birthday Dada!

26 June 10 1st Year in the UAE

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dad fetching us at the airport last year

Today, Mom and I celebrate our first year here in the UAE. Last year, on this date, we arrived in Dubai Airport to join Dad and live with him as one happy family.

My life here in the small city of Al Ain has been a simple one. My Dad goes to work on shifts while Mom takes care of me. We go to church on Saturdays or Sundays, and visit malls during Dad’s offs. My parents bought me lots of toys which i play everyday.

It’s a very good life and I thank God for continuously blessing our family.

24 June 10 Horseback-riding

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23 June 10 3rd Wedding Anniversary

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Today,  my parents are celebrating their third wedding anniversary. Three years ago, they tied the knot at St. Ildefonsus Parish Church in Guiguinto, Bulacan Philippines. And the rest is history 🙂

19 June 10 23rd-month Bday!

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Today, I celebrate my 23rd-month birthday! I am 1 month shy of becoming 2 years old! We went to St. Mary’s Church today, and bought cakes from Choitrams.

I wonder how we will celebrate my 2nd birthday next month… I am so excited to be two years old.

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