20 May 10 BC Bloggers 3

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Inviting all bloggers out there to join BC Bloggers ! This is going to be the 3rd launch and I’m sure this will spell lots of fun. Interested bloggers should sign in the application forms by going to Paula’s site HERE.

20 May 10 The Things I Hate

May 20, 2010 at 12:14 am | Posted in MY STUFF, WALA LANG | 1 Comment

Here are some of the things I hate.

1.  I hate being scolded. It drives me wild.

2.  I hate medicines. Yuuuck.

3.  I hate boring toys. I’ll just throw it away.

4.  I hate scary commercials on tv. I run away and hide behind my crib.

5.  I hate very loud sounds.

6.  I hate it when my parents close the cabinets.

7.  I hate it when my parents stop me when I am not finished playing inside the Mall, especially in toy shops.

8.  I hate it when mom brushes my teeth.

9.  I hate being tied in the stroller for a long time.

10. I hate to be alone in a room.

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