07 Apr 10 Tita Shiela’s Bridal Shower

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Yup, I attended a bridal shower! Well, parties like that are not for babies, but this one was not “for adults only.” This party was more of a family-party, where daddies attended too.

Tita Shiela is coming home to the Philippines this coming Friday to marry her long-time boyfriend. She’s the one in light blue scrubs in the pictures. She is Dad’s work colleague.

Best wishes, Tita Shiela!

07 Apr 10 VM2: May Nag-call

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“Huh? Remote ba ito ng TV? Kala ko cellphone eh. Ok, bye!”

07 Apr 10 Vacation Memoirs 1

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These shots were taken during our last vacation to the Philippines. This place is called the South Supermarket, where mom and dad does their groceries whenever they are in Guiguinto.

This is Ate Nicole. She is the second youngest among my first cousins. She took care of me while I was in the Philippines and I like playing with her.

Posing with Ate RJ. Water conservation was the theme at the Manila Ocean Park.

My grannies from Dad’s side, Lolo Rene and Lola Lilia.

At the entrance gate of the Manila Ocean Park, with Ninong Bok, Ninong Emar, Ninang May, and Lola Medy.

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